Award Winning Programs

5-Alive Sensory Room – 2013

For our Best Practice, 5-ALIVE, we created a sensory room for our residents. Sensory stimulation has been shown to decrease agitation and restlessness in those with dementia, and is also beneficial to those residents suffering from boredom, depression and withdrawal by invigorating their senses. Sensory stimulation can be anything that stimulates any one or more of our five senses. Besides being a calm, yet fun and energizing room, there are also several other advantages we have seen from the development of our room. We feel as though this sensory room translates as improved quality of life for our residents.

I Hope You Dance - 2010

Fitness, both mental and physical, often begins with the person’s state of mind. This statement motivated us to begin a fun and exciting journey into our Best Practice, “I Hope You Dance.” We decided to embark on a program of ballroom and wheelchair dancing. Besides being fun, there are also several positive health benefits of dancing. Providing benefits that are out of the ordinary always presents a challenge. At our facility we like to put the challenge to the test, and this unique dance program proved the amazing liveliness, capabilities and dedication of our remarkable residents and staff!

Person Centered Dining - 2009

Empowering residents with choice and opportunity helps them to feel content and dignified, which are the ultimate goals of our facility. Our concept of person-centered dining gives residents the opportunity to select a get-up time, a breakfast time and meal choices from a menu. The “Have It Your Way” program that we launched clearly defines excellence, innovation and success. We are here to love, honor, respect and satisfy our elders and our person-centered initiative does just that.

UTI Prevention Protocol - 2008

The facility must care for you in a manner that enhances your quality of life. This is one of many resident rights that we as long-term care professionals strive to fulfill. Our “Hand in Hand We Can: UTI Prevention Protocol” seeks to improve our elders quality of life by reducing the number of urinary tract infections (UTIs) that they develop. A lower number of UTIs can accomplish many things including a reduced number of potentially serious infections, decreased pain and discomfort for our residents, improvement in our elders quality of life and improvement in the facility Quality Measures /Indicators.

Diabetic Delights

Our facility initiated the “Diabetic Delights” program which is a liberalized diabetic diet that enables our nurses to adjust the resident’s medications. In doing this, our residents are able to enjoy foods they like to eat.

Weight Loss Protocol

Our goal for the weight loss protocol is for the resident to regain or revert to their baseline weight. This protocol consists of a basic plan of action that we start on our residents that are showing weight loss. Some of the action items are: dietary supplements and reinforcements, medications, lab works, therapy referrals and to monitor weights and meals.

Olive Oil Program

As people age, a common occurrence is thinning of the skin which causes an increase in skin tears and skin breakdown. This program is designed to improve skin suppleness. We first identify whether a resident is at risk, and then we start on the protocol. This protocol consists of making sure residents are well hydrated, ensure that lotion is routinely applied and some even take olive oil orally.

Team Up for Quality

We feel it is extremely important for our staff to know our residents. Team Up for Quality is a program our facility implemented where the majority of employees take care of the same residents day after day. This has proven to not only be a benefit to our staff, but to our residents as well. Seeing the same faces day in and day out helps our residents to feel more at home and comfortable with the staff who are taking care of them.