Long Term Care

Our facility employs over 260 staff members and we diligently work to maintain the highest standards of operation. Our nurses, therapists and support personnel work together as a team to provide superior services every day.

We provide 16 hour RN coverage and 24 hour LPN coverage at our facility on a daily basis. At HNRC, we feel it is also extremely important to practice consistent assignment with our nursing staff. This not only helps our staff in knowing their residents and their individual tendencies, it also helps our residents feel more comfortable in knowing they will see the same faces on a regular basis.

Our facility also has an Infection Preventionist, Restorative Nurse and Treatment/Wound Care Nurse. The Infection Preventionist works meticulously on maintaining and overseeing our infection control program which is designed to provide a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment for the residents, and to prevent the development and transmission of disease and infections. The Restorative nurse is responsible for reviewing resident’s medical history, becoming knowledgeable of their strengths and weaknesses, testing their range of motion and ability to function, and developing a restorative treatment plan accordingly. Our Treatment Nurse is responsible for providing aggressive /appropriate preventative measures in wound care treatment, and for the staging of pressure sores on the facility’s residents.

Upon admission to our facility, each resident is assessed for the need to utilize our Secure Care bracelet system. This system ensures the safety of our wandering residents by setting off an alarm if a resident passes through an exit door inadvertently. Our facility doors are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain the highest level of security possible for our residents and staff.